Rayburn Tours

Flying high with Act! CRM

Group tour specialist, Rayburn Tours, has made its name by taking the pain out of travel planning for schools, clubs and societies. The company, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015, wanted to bring a new dimension to its customer intelligence and core CRM.

Our brief:

With a commitment to providing an exceptional level of customer service, Rayburn Tours were looking for a software solution that would maintain its high standards as the company developed.

Jamie Boyden, Commercial Director of Rayburn Tours, began researching CRM products and identified contact and customer management tool Act! as a potential solution. The tour company issued a tender to Act! suppliers, including Solutions for Accounting and CRM.

“We felt more comfortable with Solutions,” explained Jamie. “They understood how important quality of service was to us.”

Jamie was also impressed by Solutions’ commitment to providing a system with the minimum intrusion and the maximum positive impact, without adversely affecting existing customer relationships.

The solution:

Solutions fulfilled its promise of a smooth implementation of Act! for Rayburn Tours and is continuing to provide the on-going support needed to customise Act! to the tour company’s specific business needs.

“Act! was set up to our exact specification and the system was ready to use from the word go,” said Jamie.


Act! has not only provided strategic insight for the management team at Rayburn Tours but has also built greater operational efficiencies.

“Act! is quick, slick and cost effective and it’s taken our productivity to a whole different level,” explained Jamie.

“It gives us robust, real-time data that we can use in our day-to-day decision making, enabling us to track individual products and address any weaknesses,” he continued. “The flexibility of Act! has also enabled us to utilise it as a high level management system so that our operational team have been able to work on more tours while maintaining our quality service.

“All-in-all we are very happy with the service Solutions have provided and this is why we continue to use the company.”

To learn more about Act! CRM, call Solutions on 0115 840 5075 or email enquiries@solutionscloud.uk