Morris Vermaport

Sage 200 and Protean Software Integration

Morris Vermaport has been around since 1979 selling shopping cart escalators and has now added design, installation, refurbishment and maintenance of lifts to its portfolio of services. From its headquarters in Nottingham its 84 employees service clients from Scarborough down to London.

The company has experienced strong growth. This year alone Morris Vermaport has put 30% growth on its year to date order values.

The challenge:

Today customers expect communication and results much faster than ever before. As a result, companies that are slow to react are in danger of being left behind. Morris Vermaport currently addresses these challenges with market leading field service management and accountancy software provided by Protean Software and Solutions for Accounting.

Financial Director Phil Marsden said:

“Our Protean Software solution is integrated into Sage 200. Protean Software shows me all the profitability and all of the analysis I could ever think of. From a service perspective Protean Software is perfect. The data capture is brilliant and we have access to a full audit trail of everything we can ever think of.”

Elsewhere Morris Vermaport uses Sage business partner Solutions for Accounting for support services.

Phil said: “Solutions for Accounting help us to make Sage 200 work better for us. We rely on their knowledge and expertise to tailor Sage perfectly to fit our growing business needs. They enable us to focus on running our business instead of wasting time figuring out software issues.

“The more we learn about Protean Software and Sage, the more we learn about how they can improve our business. Protean is our primary piece of software, we run everything on it. It’s a system that captures all of our data, right from the initial opportunity stage, through to the opportunity of being quoted. We then progress it through to the order being received and create jobs. Opportunities and jobs all link together on a single job number and we are provided with a full audit trail.”

Efficiency of customer service:

“Protean Software allows us to operate on a live basis. We know where our men are, we know what jobs they are on. We know what tasks they carry out and we know the exact status of all of our jobs at any given time,” said Phil. “This means we can manage more opportunities. We can manage more jobs concurrently and therefore structure a day more efficiently.”

Expert advice and bespoke consultancy:

“Expert advice provided by Solutions for Accounting has enabled us to get maximum value from Sage,” said Phil “This has benefited us enormously in terms of staff productivity. We won’t waste a day’s time on an issue that Solutions for Accounting can do in an hour.”

How business partnership is providing a solution to the data challenge:

The partnership between Protean Software and Solutions for Accounting brings together their business insights, providing their clients with a clear blueprint to help them achieve their business goals.

For Morris Vermaport this means having the ability to:

  • Connect the dots and shape their data into meaningful reports.
  • Arrive at solutions in less time and avoid duplication of effort.
  • Leverage data to enhance strategic thinking and organisational capability.

To learn more about how Protean Software can help your business and the benefits of being integrated with Sage 200 accounting software, contact Solutions today on 0115 840 5075 or email