Apprenticeship Case Study

Marketing Assistant

Lily Jones is an Apprentice Marketing Assistant and joined Solutions straight from a local sixth form where she studied Business, Media and English Literature.

“I chose an apprenticeship because I wanted to learn new skills and earn money. I wasn’t interested in university as I wanted something more practical where every day would be different and I would be getting hands-on marketing experience.

“I applied for an apprenticeship at Solutions because I thought it was the best entry into marketing. After looking at the Solutions’ website and social media pages, I became excited about the apprenticeship opportunity as I was hopeful to be working on these platforms as part of the marketing team.

“Apprenticeships allow you to earn, learn and train on the job, whilst gaining valuable experience. They are rewarding as many companies offer full time jobs if they are happy with your progress once your course has finished. I hope to work full time at Solutions in the marketing team after completing my apprenticeship.

“My role is varied; I manage the website and produce newsletters, adverts and corporate brochures using Photoshop and Illustrator. I post on the company social media platforms and use various marketing tools to enable all of the above.

“During my apprenticeship, I have been receiving support from my Manager and a college assessor. Solutions are extremely supportive and ensure that you are working well and always offer any help should you need it.

“I don’t find my apprenticeship too challenging, as the coursework is fairly straight forward. I am disciplined with my time management so am able to balance my college and marketing work. I enjoy both the coursework and the marketing I do and I never get bored or run out of things to do, as I am constantly being challenged.

“I believe choosing an apprenticeship allows you to gain a head start in your career, giving you the chance to learn and train in a job and industry you’re interested in. I would recommend an apprenticeship as it feels rewarding to earn money when you are working hard every day to achieve goals and deadlines.

“My future aspirations are to complete my apprenticeship and gain my qualification. I would love to become an expert at marketing, and have all the relevant skills to become a Marketing Manager.”

If you are interested in joining our apprenticeship programme, please email with your CV and covering letter.