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Churchill Security Limited have been established since 1993 and offer a broad range of security services to public and private sector clients across the UK. The company’s solutions have been recognised by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) as being “industry-leading”, and Churchill are currently ranked in the top 2% of all approved security contractors.

The Challenge

Having previously outsourced their accounting function, Churchill’s desire for autonomous financial control and greater KPI visibility caused them to consider bringing their financial processes in-house. Finance Director, Yvonne Jackson, was introduced into the business and tasked to recruit and head up a new Finance team. Yvonne immediately recognised an opportunity to reduce manual process and improve operational efficiency by introducing a more dynamic and flexible finance management solution.

With revenues growing and transaction volumes increasing, it was important to Yvonne that a new system would create greater efficiencies and enable the business to scale without increasing the administrative burden upon her team. 

Another key driver for change was the desire to tackle the overwhelming challenge of producing and manipulating the performance reports that the business demanded to support decision-making during monthly management meetings.

As a long-time Sage 200 User, Yvonne felt comfortable with the capabilities of Sage products, but the opportunity to remove infrastructure costs whilst providing anywhere-access to a more distributed workforce compelled her to consider a cloud-based solution as a growth platform to support Churchill on its forward path. 

As an acquisitive business, forward planning is of critical significance to Churchill Security. Yvonne was therefore determined that any new system must be able to accommodate additional business entities to support scaling.

Finally, as a service organisation the management of its workforce and operational activity is at the heart of Churchill’s revenue stream. For this purpose, they had chosen to employ best-in-class software ‘Timegate’. Streamlining the flow of transactional data from Timegate directly to a new finance system would present an opportunity to reduce the billing cycle and eliminate data re-entry errors. Further to this, seamless integration between the two solutions would have the potential to reduce operational cost, empower decision making via real-time reporting and drive competitive advantage.

Solutions’ Approach

Through a consultation exercise, Solutions’ Tim Venables was able to articulate Churchill’s key requirements and match them to a Sage Intacct Cloud finance solution.

“Having explored the challenges the business was facing with Yvonne, it was evident that integration would present a key opportunity for systems improvement. Connectivity between the FMS and other critical solutions within their ecosystem could establish a seamless data flow to reduce manual processing and fuel the reporting engine, enabling 360-degree visibility of performance metrics in real time!”

Business Development Manager, Tim Venables

Gareth Bezant, Head of Intacct Operations at Solutions was quick to point out how the new system would support Churchill’s ambitions to expand.

“As a native cloud product with a truly scalable architecture, Sage Intacct has proven itself to be the FMS of choice for growing mid-sized businesses for over 20 years. The elimination of infrastructure costs with global access via the cloud combine to present the perfect solution for agile, distributed organisations“.

Head of Intacct Operations, Gareth Bezant

Successful implementation of Sage Intacct was achieved remotely through a series of collaborative meetings and discussions. Training for staff and system administrators was delivered using a combination of anytime learning, group training, Q&A sessions and 1-2-1 meetings.

Solutions’ consultants planned and delivered a training package to suit the needs that Churchill stakeholders had expressed. It was important to recognise the skills and experience which were evident within Yvonne’s team and to provide a level of guidance matched with the needs of individuals as well as the business.

Alignment of the data contained in Timegate and Sage Intacct has meant that in just a few clicks the information captured in Timegate can be utilised to complete entire invoice runs in Intacct. Also, key metrics such as hours worked and start and finish times are all visible via real-time reporting. Reduced billing cycles and immediate consolidation of financial data means period close times are cut dramatically – a key characteristic of Sage Intacct recognised by many organisations worldwide.

Solutions’ Sage Intacct Training Consultant, Anna Root, expressed her delight at the Churchill team’s positive attitude to the new system.

Delivering all aspects of a system implementation remotely via Microsoft Teams has become the norm these days, so we’ve had to adapt our training approach to ensure delegates remain engaged. Yvonne’s team were enthusiastic about Intacct’s intuitive user interface and excited about the time-saving opportunities the system would bring, so the on-boarding process at Churchill was really positive”.

Sage Intacct Training Consultant, Anna Root

The Outcome

Having taken a careful approach to building the business case for Sage Intacct, Yvonne felt reassured to see tangible evidence of a fast return on investment.  

“Since migrating to Sage Intacct, we have managed to eliminate 30 hours a month in preparing comparison reports for stakeholders and senior board members. We’ve also eliminated three disconnected systems and centralised our finance management by adopting Sage Intacct as a single source of truth”.

Churchill Security Limited, Finance Director, Yvonne Jackson

Intacct’s real-time reporting with rich interactive visuals makes it easy for users at all levels to monitor and measure performance metrics at any time and from any location. For Churchill Security Limited, this has meant the saving of over 360 hours per year in compiling Excel based reports that become outdated the moment the Workbook is saved and emailed.

 “By removing our dependence upon Excel and other manual reporting tools, we’ll save thousands in both time and money. In addition to that, the benefit of providing senior decision makers with real-time access to key performance data could have a much greater positive impact on our bottom line”. 

 “The Solutions team worked hard to build a comprehensive understanding of our business including the challenges we were facing and the opportunities that a system migration might bring. That approach meant they were able to configure the system to support the individual needs of our team members as well as the aspirational needs of our business. Anna’s training was insightful and valuable, and she ensured that all our staff ‘bought in’ to Sage Intacct from the start. Early signs suggest that this investment will enable us to provide stronger support to our internal stakeholders, and ultimately a better service to our clients”.

Finance Director, Yvonne Jackson

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