Sage 200 Direct Debit

Our Sage 200 Direct Debit Module enables you to generate a suggested Direct Debit collection list directly from your Sage 200 invoice data. Lean more.

Sage 200 Direct Debit Module

Our Sage 200 Direct Debit Module provides an ideal solution if you already collect payments by Direct Debit but you manually process entries in Sage.

The Sage 200 Direct Debit Module* enables you to generate a suggested Direct Debit collection list directly from your Sage 200 invoice data. Once ‘posted’ it produces a Bacs request file (in your Bacs providers specific format) and at the same time automatically generates credits and allocates the receipts saving hours and sometimes days in processing time.

If you collect the same amount on a regular basis then our optional Receipts Schedule enables you to pre-set values in advance. Payments can be offset against a specific invoice or left as a ‘payment on account’.

**Note: Also requires Bacs approved software.

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Key features and benefits

Stores customer bank details against their record in sage.

Collect either individual invoices or balances on a customer’s account.

Reduces the level of manual inputting.

Improves cashflow

Greater control of payment dates.

Avoids manual errors

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