Sage Dashboards

Empower your customers, simplify complex data and drive critical business decisions with the help of our leading experts.

Pi Dashboards

Fully browser-based, Dashboards for Sage by Pi allow users to present their data in visually-appealing charts and graphs through an easy-to-use user interface.

Panintelligence will provide you with a top down view of your data, allowing you to stay proactive while making timely and informed business decisions that improve the performance of your business. Pi offers genuine business insight to users and front line staff as it promotes collaboration across your business.

Pi Dashboards for Sage come with an initial set of standard charts and tables for the Sales and Purchase Ledgers, Sales and Purchase Order Processing, Stock, Project Accounting and Nominals. Users can create as many additional charts as required.

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Pi Reporting and Analytics

In the age of information, businesses need to be able to trust the information they’re viewing. Therefore, the data displayed must be in real-time and users must be able to easily highlight the data that’s most important to them.

Many businesses default to reporting in Excel, which has its limitations. The process of producing reports swallows time and energy, and confusion and duplication can arise. Panintelligence’s Pi for Sage offers one view of the truth, with controlled user access, allowing users to trust the data they’re viewing.

Ideal for:

  • KPI tracking and automating alerts
  • Easy to use and install
  • Drilling down into underlying data
  • Can be used with any SQL database
  • Tracking individual, team and corporate goals
  • Scheduling email reports
  • Copy and pasting data to Excel
  • Full access and control of all users


With over 20 years of experience our expert team know how important it is to have an intelligent system that can make reporting quick and easy. With Panintelligence you have access to powerful, affordable, self-service analytics.

Our highly knowledgeable team will ensure you know how to make the most out of Panintelligence so you can grow your business and remain competitive. We will help you through every step of the implementation process, from consultation to the support that you will receive once your business is up and running.

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What’s next?

One of our consultants will host an exploratory phone conversation to ensure Panintelligence is the right solution for you and to gain a thorough understanding of your business. You will also see a demonstration of the software focusing on the elements that are important to your business. All of our demonstrations are uniquely tailored to the client so we won’t waste your time with features

Next you will be introduced to our team who job is to ensure the smooth implementation of Panintelligence into your business. The integration team will ensure it’s configured to compliment and streamline your existing processes, importing relevant data across and making sure your teams are trained to a high level. Our award-winning support team will always be on hand to help with any issues you may face, making you feel confident that our experts are just a phone call away.

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